Sunday, July 8 at the Shilla Jeju
Weolla room (5F)
State-of-the-Art Kernels for Natural Language Processing
Alessandro Moschitti
Lotus 1 (3F)
Topic Models, Latent Space Models, Sparse Coding, and All That: A systematic understanding of probabilistic semantic extraction in large corpus
Eric Xing
Lotus 2,3 (3F)
Multilingual Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis
Rada Mihalcea, Carmen Banea and Janyce Wiebe
Weolla room (5F)
Deep Learning for NLP (without Magic)
Richard Socher, Yoshua Bengio and Christopher D. Manning
Lotus 2,3 (3F)
Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms for NLP
Amar Subramanya and Partha Pratim Talukdar
Lotus 1 (3F)
Welcome reception
Halla hall
Monday, July 9 at ICC JEJU
Opening session (Tamna A)
Invited Talk: Remembrance of ACLs past, by Aravind K. Joshi (Tamna A)
Coffee break
Halla A
Halla B
Machine TranslationⅠ
Lunch break
Halla A
Halla B
Machine TranslationⅡ
Chinese lexical processing
Lexical semantics
Coffee break
Halla A
Halla B
Machine Translation Ⅲ
Generation and Machine Reading
Dialogue and Discourse
Poster & Dinner session (3F lobby): Long papers, Short papers, Student Research Workshop
Tuesday, July 10 at ICC JEJU
Best Paper Session - Chair: Slav Petrov (Tamna A)
  Bayesian Symbol-Refined Tree Substitution Grammars for Syntactic Parsing
     — H. Shindo, Y. Miyao, A. Fujino, and M. Nagata
  String Re-writing Kernel
     — F. Bu, H. Li, and X. Zhu
Coffee break
Demo (3F lobby)
Halla A
Halla B
The People
Machine TranslationⅢ
Social Media
User generated content
Lunch break
Student lunch (Ocean view)
Halla B
Halla A
The Contents
Machine LearningⅡ
Coffee break
Halla B
Halla A
The Anthology
Banquet (ShangriLa)
Wednesday, July 11 at ICC JEJU
Lifetime Achievement Award (Tamna A)
Invited Talk: Computational linguistics: Where do we go from here?, by Mark Johnson (Tamna A)
Coffee break
Halla A
Halla B
Machine TranslationⅣ
Relations and events
Machine LearningⅢ
Lunch break
ACL Business meeting (Tamna A)
Coffee break
Halla A
Halla B
Parsing and Machine Translation
NLP Apps and data
Closing session (Tamna A)
Thursday, July 12 at ICC JEJU
Parsing and Semantic Processing of Morphologically Rich Languages 2012 (SP-Sem-MRL2012)
Speech and Multimodal Interaction in Assistive Environments (SMIAE 2012)
The 6th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (The LAW VI)
3rd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA2012)
Sixth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation (SSST-6)
Detecting Structure in Scholarly Discourse (DSSD)
4th Named Entities Workshop (NEWS2012)
Friday, July 13 at ICC JEJU
The 6th Linguistic Annotation Workshop (The LAW VI)
Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics (ExProM)
Multilingual Modeling (MM)
Collaboratively Constructed Semantic Resources and their Applications to NLP (The People's Web meets NLP)
Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing (TextGraphs-7)
EMNLP-CoNLL 2012 (Thursday, July 12 at ICC JEJU)
Youngju A
Opening Remarks & Invited Talk: Eric Xing (Youngju A)
Coffee break
Lunch break
Coffee break
EMNLP Poster Session and Reception (3F lobby)
EMNLP-CoNLL 2012 (Friday, July 13 at ICC JEJU)
Youngju A
Invited Talk: Patrick Pantel (Youngju A)
Coffee break
Lunch break
SIGDAT and SIGNLL Business Meetings (Youngju A)
Coffee break
EMNLP-CoNLL 2012 (Saturday, July 14 at ICC JEJU)
Youngju A
Plenary Session (Youngju A)
Coffee break
Lunch break
SIGDAT and SIGNLL Business Meetings (Youngju A)
Coffee break
Closing Remarks (Youngju A)
Session 1A: (July 9, 11:00 - 12:30) Machine Translation (Chair: David Chiang)
Learning to Translate with Multiple Objectives
Kevin Duh, Katsuhito Sudoh, Xianchao Wu, Hajime Tsukada and Masaaki Nagata
Joint Feature Selection in Distributed Stochastic Learning for Large-Scale Discriminative Training in SMT
Patrick Simianer, Stefan Riezler and Chris Dyer
Prediction of Learning Curves in Machine Translation
Prasanth Kolachina, Nicola Cancedda, Marc Dymetman and Sriram Venkatapathy
Session 1B: (July 9, 11:00 - 12:30) Speech (Chair: Sanjeev Khudanpur)
Probabilistic Integration of Partial Lexical Information for Noise Robust Haptic Voice Recognition
Khe Chai Sim
A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach to Acoustic Model Discovery
Chia-ying Lee and James Glass
Automated Essay Scoring Based on Finite State Transducer: towards ASR Transcription of Oral English Speech
Xingyuan Peng, Dengfeng Ke and Bo Xu
Text-level Discourse Parsing with Rich Linguistic Features
Vanessa Wei Feng and Graeme Hirst
PDTB-style Discourse Annotation of Chinese Text
Yuping Zhou and Nianwen Xue
SITS: A Hierarchical Nonparametric Model using Speaker Identity for Topic Segmentation in Multiparty Conversations
Viet-An Nguyen, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Philip Resnik
Extracting Narrative Timelines as Temporal Dependency Structures
Oleksandr Kolomiyets, Steven Bethard and Marie-Francine Moens
Labeling Documents with Timestamps: Learning from their Time Expressions
Nathanael Chambers
Temporally Anchored Relation Extraction
Guillermo Garrido, Anselmo Penas, Bernardo Cabaleiro and Alvaro Rodrigo
Efficient Tree-based Approximation for Entailment Graph Learning
Jonathan Berant, Ido Dagan, Meni Adler and Jacob Goldberger
Learning High-Level Planning from Text
S.R.K. Branavan, Nate Kushman, Tao Lei and Regina Barzilay
Distributional Semantics in Technicolor
Elia Bruni, Gemma Boleda, Marco Baroni and Nam Khanh Tran
A Class-Based Agreement Model for Generating Accurately Inflected Translations
Spence Green and John DeNero
Deciphering Foreign Language by Combining Language Models and Context Vectors
Malte Nuhn, Arne Mauser and Hermann Ney
Machine Translation without Words through Substring Alignment
Graham Neubig, Taro Watanabe, Shinsuke Mori and Tatsuya Kawahara
Fast Syntactic Analysis for Statistical Language Modeling via Substructure Sharing and Uptraining
Ariya Rastrow, Mark Dredze and Sanjeev Khudanpur
Bootstrapping a Unified Model of Lexical and Phonetic Acquisition
Micha Elsner, Sharon Goldwater and Jacob Eisenstein
Discriminative Pronunciation Modeling: A Large-Margin, Feature-Rich Approach
Hao Tang, Joseph Keshet and Karen Livescu
Discriminative Strategies to Integrate Multiword Expression Recognition and Parsing
Matthieu Constant, Anthony Sigogne and Patrick Watrin
Utilizing Dependency Language Models for Graph-based Dependency Parsing Models
Wenliang Chen, Min Zhang and Haizhou Li
Spectral Learning of Latent-Variable PCFGs
Shay B. Cohen, Karl Stratos, Michael Collins, Dean P. Foster and Lyle Ungar
Reducing Approximation and Estimation Errors for Chinese Lexical Processing with Heterogeneous Annotations
Weiwei Sun and Xiaojun Wan
Capturing Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Lexical Relations: Towards Accurate Chinese Part-of-Speech Tagging
Weiwei Sun and Hans Uszkoreit
Fast Online Training with Frequency-Adaptive Learning Rates for Chinese Word Segmentation and New Word Detection
Xu Sun, Houfeng Wang and Wenjie Li
Verb Classification using Distributional Similarity in Syntactic and Semantic Structures
Danilo Croce, Alessandro Moschitti, Roberto Basili and Martha Palmer
Word Sense Disambiguation Improves Information Retrieval
Zhi Zhong and Hwee Tou Ng
Efficient Search for Transformation-based Inference
Asher Stern, Roni Stern, Ido Dagan and Ariel Felner
Maximum Expected BLEU Training of Phrase and Lexicon Translation Models
Xiaodong He and Li Deng
Learning Translation Consensus with Structured Label Propagation
Shujie Liu, Chi-Ho Li, Mu Li and Ming Zhou
Smaller Alignment Models for Better Translations: Unsupervised Word Alignment with the l0-norm
Ashish Vaswani, Liang Huang and David Chiang
Modeling Review Comments
Arjun Mukherjee and Bing Liu
A Joint Model for Discovery of Aspects in Utterances
Asli Celikyilmaz and Dilek Hakkani-Tur
Aspect Extraction through Semi-Supervised Modeling
Arjun Mukherjee and Bing Liu
Learning to "Read Between the Lines" using Bayesian Logic Programs
Sindhu Raghavan, Raymond Mooney and Hyeonseo Ku
Collective Generation of Natural Image Descriptions
Polina Kuznetsova, Vicente Ordonez, Alexander Berg, Tamara Berg and Yejin Choi
Concept-to-text Generation via Discriminative Reranking
Ioannis Konstas and Mirella Lapata
A Discriminative Hierarchical Model for Fast Coreference at Large Scale
Michael Wick, Sameer Singh and Andrew McCallum
Coreference Semantics from Web Features
Mohit Bansal and Dan Klein
Subgroup Detection in Ideological Discussions
Amjad Abu-Jbara, Pradeep Dasigi, Mona Diab and Dragomir Radev
Cross-Domain Co-Extraction of Sentiment and Topic Lexicons
Fangtao Li, Sinno Jialin Pan, Ou Jin, Qiang Yang and Xiaoyan Zhu
Learning Syntactic Verb Frames using Graphical Models
Thomas Lippincott, Anna Korhonen and Diarmuid O Seaghdha
Fast Online Lexicon Learning for Grounded Language Acquisition
David Chen
Chinese Comma Disambiguation for Discourse Analysis
Yaqin Yang and Nianwen Xue
Collective Classification for Fine-grained Information Status
Katja Markert, Yufang Hou and Michael Strube
Structuring E-Commerce Inventory
Karin Mauge, Khash Rohanimanesh and Jean-David Ruvini
Named Entity Disambiguation in Streaming Data
Alexandre Davis, Adriano Veloso, Altigran Soares, Alberto Laender and Wagner Meira Jr.
Big Data versus the Crowd: Looking for Relationships in All the Right Places
Ce Zhang, Feng Niu, Christopher Re and Jude Shavlik
Automatic Event Extraction with Structured Preference Modeling
Wei Lu and Dan Roth
Discriminative Learning for Joint Template Filling
Einat Minkov and Luke Zettlemoyer
Classifying French Verbs Using French and English Lexical Resources
Ingrid Falk, Claire Gardent and Jean-Charles Lamirel
Modeling Sentences in the Latent Space
Weiwei Guo and Mona Diab
Improving Word Representations via Global Context and Multiple Word Prototypes
Eric Huang, Richard Socher, Christopher Manning and Andrew Ng
Exploiting Social Information in Grounded Language Learning via Grammatical Reduction
Mark Johnson, Katherine Demuth and Michael Frank
You Had Me at Hello: How Phrasing Affects Memorability
Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Justin Cheng, Jon Kleinberg and Lillian Lee
Modeling the Translation of Predicate-Argument Structure for SMT
Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang and Haizhou Li /td>
A Ranking-based Approach to Word Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation
Nan Yang, Mu Li, Dongdong Zhang and Nenghai Yu
Character-Level Machine Translation Evaluation for Languages with Ambiguous Word Boundaries
Chang Liu and Hwee Tou Ng
PORT: a Precision-Order-Recall MT Evaluation Metric for Tuning
Boxing Chen, Roland Kuhn and Samuel Larkin
Mixing Multiple Translation Models in Statistical Machine Translation
Majid Razmara, George Foster, Baskaran Sankaran and Anoop Sarkar
Hierarchical Chunk-to-String Translation
Yang Feng, Dongdong Zhang, Mu Li and Qun Liu
Large-Scale Syntactic Language Modeling with Treelets
Adam Pauls and Dan Klein
Text Segmentation by Language Using Minimum Description Length
Hiroshi Yamaguchi and Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii
Improve SMT Quality with Automatically Extracted Paraphrase Rules
Wei He, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang and Ting Liu
Ecological Evaluation of Persuasive Messages Using Google AdWords
Marco Guerini, Carlo Strapparava and Oliviero Stock
Polarity Consistency Checking for Sentiment Dictionaries
Eduard Dragut, Hong Wang, Clement Yu, Prasad Sistla and Weiyi Meng
Combining Coherence Models and Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics for Summarization
Evaluation Ziheng Lin, Chang Liu, Hwee Tou Ng and Min-Yen Kan
Sentence Simplification by Monolingual Machine Translation
Sander Wubben, Antal van den Bosch and Emiel Krahmer
A Cost Sensitive Part-of-Speech Tagging: Differentiating Serious Errors from Minor Errors
Hyun-Je Song, Jeong-Woo Son, Tae-Gil Noh, Seong-Bae Park and Sang-Jo Lee
A Broad-Coverage Normalization System for Social Media Language
Fei Liu, Fuliang Weng and Xiao Jiang
Incremental Joint Approach to Word Segmentation, POS Tagging, and Dependency Parsing in Chinese
Jun Hatori, Takuya Matsuzaki, Yusuke Miyao and Jun'ichi Tsujii
Exploring Deterministic Constraints: from a Constrained English POS Tagger to an Efficient ILP Solution to Chinese Word Segmentation
Qiuye Zhao and Mitch Marcus
Poster Session (July 9, 18:00 - 20:30) - Short papers
Movie-DiC: a Movie Dialogue Corpus for Research and Development
Rafael E. Banchs
Combining Textual Entailment and Argumentation Theory for Supporting Online Debates Interactions
Elena Cabrio and Serena Villata
Towards the Unsupervised Acquisition of Discourse Relations
Christian Chiarcos
Arabic Retrieval Revisited: Morphological Hole Filling
Kareem Darwish and Ahmed Ali
Extracting and modeling durations for habits and events from Twitter
Jennifer Williams and Graham Katz
Event Linking: Grounding Event Reference in a News Archive
Joel Nothman, Matthew Honnibal, Ben Hachey and James R. Curran
Coupling Label Propagation and Constraints for Temporal Fact Extraction
Yafang Wang, Maximilian Dylla, Marc Spaniol and Gerhard Weikum
Using Search-Logs to Improve Query Tagging
Kuzman Ganchev, Keith Hall, Ryan McDonald and Slav Petrov
Toward Automatically Assembling Hittite-Language Cuneiform Tablet Fragments into Larger Texts
Stephen Tyndall
A Corpus of Textual Revisions in Second Language Writing
John Lee and Jonathan Webster
Coarse Lexical Semantic Annotation with Supersenses: An Arabic Case Study
Nathan Schneider, Behrang Mohit, Kemal Oflazer and Noah A. Smith
Word Epoch Disambiguation: Finding How Words Change Over Time
Rada Mihalcea and Vivi Nastase
Authorship Attribution with Author-aware Topic Models
Yanir Seroussi, Fabian Bohnert and Ingrid Zukerman /td>
Information-theoretic Multi-view Domain Adaptation
Pei Yang, Wei Gao, Qi Tan and Kam-Fai Wong
Efficient Tree-Based Topic Modeling
Yuening Hu and Jordan Boyd-Graber
Learning Better Rule Extraction with Translation Span Alignment
Jingbo Zhu, Tong Xiao and Chunliang Zhang
Enhancing Statistical Machine Translation with Character Alignment
Ning Xi, Guangchao Tang, Xinyu Dai, Shujian Huang and Jiajun Chen
Translation Model Size Reduction for Hierarchical Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation
Seung-Wook Lee, Dongdong Zhang, Mu Li, Ming Zhou and Hae-Chang Rim
Heuristic Cube Pruning in Linear Time
Andrea Gesmundo, Giorgio Satta and James Henderson
Combining Word-Level and Character-Level Models for Machine Translation Between Closely-Related Languages
Preslav Nakov and Jorg Tiedemann
Improving the IBM Alignment Models Using Variational Bayes
Darcey Riley and Daniel Gildea
Post-ordering by Parsing for Japanese-English Statistical Machine Translation
Isao Goto, Masao Utiyama and Eiichiro Sumita
An Exploration of Forest-to-String Translation: Does Translation Help or Hurt Parsing?
Hui Zhang and David Chiang
Unsupervised Morphology Rivals Supervised Morphology for Arabic MT
David Stallard, Jacob Devlin, Michael Kayser, Yoong Keok Lee and Regina Barzilay
A Meta Learning Approach to Grammatical Error Correction
Hongsuck Seo, Jonghoon Lee, Seokhwan Kim, Kyusong Lee, Sechun Kang and Gary Geunbae Lee
Fine Granular Aspect Analysis using Latent Structural Models
Lei Fang and Minlie Huang
Identifying High-Impact Sub-Structures for Convolution Kernels in Document-level Sentiment Classification
Zhaopeng Tu, Yifan He, Jennifer Foster, Josef van Genabith, Qun Liu and Shouxun Lin
Exploiting Latent Information to Predict Diffusions of Novel Topics on Social Networks
Tsung-Ting Kuo, San-Chuan Hung, Wei-Shih Lin, Nanyun Peng, Shou-De Lin and Wei-Fen Lin
Sentence Compression with Semantic Role Constraints
Katsumasa Yoshikawa, Ryu Iida, Tsutomu Hirao and Manabu Okumura
Fully Abstractive Approach to Guided Summarization
Pierre-Etienne Genest and Guy Lapalme
Assessing the Effect of Inconsistent Assessors on Summarization Evaluation
Karolina Owczarzak, Peter A. Rankel, Hoa Trang Dang and John M. Conroy
Fast and Robust Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Dynamic Model Selection
Jinho D. Choi and Martha Palmer
Lemmatisation as a Tagging Task
Andrea Gesmundo and Tanja Samardzic
How Are Spelling Errors Generated and Corrected? A Study of Corrected and Uncorrected Spelling Errors Using Keystroke Logs
Yukino Baba and Hisami Suzuki
Tokenization: Returning to a Long Solved Problem - A Survey, Contrastive Experiment, Recommendations, and Toolkit -
Rebecca Dridan and Stephan Oepen
Unsupervized Word Segmentation: the Case for Mandarin Chinese
Pierre Magistry and Benoit Sagot
Grammar Error Correction Using Pseudo-Error Sentences and Domain Adaptation
Kenji Imamura, Kuniko Saito, Kugatsu Sadamitsu and Hitoshi Nishikawa
Poster Session (July 9, 18:00 - 20:30) - Student Research Workshop
A Broad Evaluation of Techniques for Automatic Acquisition of Multiword Expressions
Carlos Ramisch, Vitor De Araujo and Aline Villavicencio
Detecting Power Relations from Written Dialog
Vinodkumar Prabhakaran
Active Learning with Transfer Learning
Chunyong Luo, Yangsheng Ji, Xinyu Dai and Jiajun Chen
Query classification using topic models and support vector machine
Dieu-Thu Le and Raffaella Bernardi
Evaluating Unsupervised Ensembles when applied to Word Sense Induction
Keith Stevens
Topic Extraction based on Prior Knowledge obtained from Target Documents
Kayo Tatsukawa
TopicTiling: A Text Segmentation Algorithm based on LDA
Martin Riedl and Chris Biemann
Domain Adaptation of a Dependency Parser with a Class-Class Selectional Preference Model
Raphael Cohen, Yoav Goldberg and Michael Elhadad
Extracting fine-grained durations for verbs from Twitter
Jennifer Williams
Discourse Structure in Simultaneous Spoken Turkish
Isin Demirsahin
A Generic Framework for Multiword Expressions Treatment: from Acquisition to Applications
Carlos Ramisch
Towards Automatic Construction of Knowledge Bases from Chinese Online Resources
Liwei Chen, Yansong Feng, Yidong Chen, Lei Zou and Dongyan Zhao
System Demonstrations (July 10, 10:30 - 16:00)
Applications of GPC Rules and Character Structures in Games for Learning Chinese Characters
Wei-Jie Huang, Chia-Ru Chou, Yu-Lin Tzeng, Chia-Ying Lee and Chao-Lin Liu
Specifying Viewpoint and Information Need with Affective Metaphors: A System Demonstration of the Metaphor-Magnet Web App/Service
Tony Veale and Guofu Li
Social Event Radar: A Bilingual Context Mining and Sentiment Analysis Summarization System
Wen-Tai Hsieh, Chen-Ming Wu, Tsun Ku and Seng-cho T. Chou
UWN: A Large Multilingual Lexical Knowledge Base
Gerard de Melo and Gerhard Weikum
D-05 An Off-the-shelf Language Identification Tool
Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin
Personalized Normalization for a Multilingual Chat System
Ai Ti Aw and Lian Hau Lee
A Graphical Interface for MT Evaluation and Error Analysis
Meritxell Gonzàlez, Jesús Giménez and Lluís Màrquez
LetsMT!: Cloud-Based Platform for Do-It-Yourself Machine Translation
Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Raivis Skadiļš and Jörg Tiedemann
A Web-based Evaluation Framework for Spatial Instruction-Giving Systems
Srinivasan Janarthanam, Oliver Lemon and Xingkun Liu
DOMCAT: A Bilingual Concordancer for Domain-Specific Computer Assisted Translation
Ming-Hong Bai, Yu-Ming Hsieh, Keh-Jiann Chen and Jason S. Chang
The OpenGrm open-source finite-state grammar software libraries
Brian Roark, Richard Sproat, Cyril Allauzen, Michael Riley, Jeffrey Sorensen and Terry Tai
Multilingual WSD with Just a Few Lines of Code: the BabelNet API
Roberto Navigli and Simone Paolo Ponzetto
BIUTEE: A Modular Open-Source System for Recognizing Textual Entailment
Asher Stern and Ido Dagan
Entailment-based Text Exploration with Application to the Health-care Domain
Meni Adler, Jonathan Berant and Ido Dagan
CSNIPER - Annotation-by-query for Non-canonical Constructions in Large Corpora
Richard Eckart de Castilho, Sabine Bartsch and Iryna Gurevych
ACCURAT Toolkit for Multi-Level Alignment and Information Extraction from Comparable Corpora
Mārcis Pinnis, Radu Ion, Dan Ştefănescu, Fangzhong Su, Inguna Skadiļa, Andrejs Vasiļjevs and Bogdan Babych
Demonstration of IlluMe: Creating Ambient According to Instant Message Logs
Lun-Wei Ku, Cheng-Wei Sun and Ya-Hsin Hsueh
INPRO_iSS: A Component for Just-In-Time Incremental Speech Synthesis
Timo Baumann and David Schlangen
WizIE: A Best Practices Guided Development Environment for Information Extraction
Yunyao Li, Laura Chiticariu, Huahai Yang, Frederick Reiss and Arnaldo Carreno-fuentes
A System for Real-time Twitter Sentiment Analysis of 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Cycle
Hao Wang, Dogan Can, Abe Kazemzadeh, François Bar and Shrikanth Narayanan
Building Trainable Taggers in a Web-based, UIMA-Supported NLP Workbench
Rafal Rak, BalaKrishna Kolluru and Sophia Ananiadou
Akamon: An Open Source Toolkit for Tree/Forest-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Xianchao Wu, Takuya Matsuzaki and Jun'ichi Tsujii
Subgroup Detector: A System for Detecting Subgroups in Online Discussions
Amjad Abu-Jbara and Dragomir Radev
IRIS: a Chat-oriented Dialogue System based on the Vector Space Model
Rafael E. Banchs and Haizhou Li
Online Plagiarized Detection Through Exploiting Lexical, Syntax, and Semantic Information
Wan-Yu Lin, Nanyun Peng, Chun-Chao Yen and Shou-de Lin
FLOW: A First-Language-Oriented Writing Assistant System
MeiHua Chen, ShihTing Huang, HungTing Hsieh, TingHui Kao and Jason S. Chang
NiuTrans: An Open Source Toolkit for Phrase-based and Syntax-based Machine Translation
Tong Xiao, Jingbo Zhu, Hao Zhang and Qiang Li
QuickView: NLP-based Tweet Search
Xiaohua Liu, Furu Wei, Ming Zhou and QuickView Team Microsoft
Syntactic Annotations for the Google Books NGram Corpus
Yuri Lin, Jean-Baptiste Michel, Erez Aiden Lieberman, Jon Orwant, Will Brockman and Slav Petrov
Session 4A: (July 10, 11:00 - 12:30) The People (Chair: Ulrich Schäfer)
Rediscovering ACL Discoveries Through the Lens of ACL Anthology Network Citing Sentences
Dragomir Radev and Amjad Abu-Jbara
Towards a Computational History of the ACL: 1980-2008
Ashton Anderson, Dan Jurafsky and Daniel A. McFarland
Discovering Factions in the Computational Linguistics Community
Yanchuan Sim, Noah A. Smith and David A. Smith
He Said, She Said: Gender in the ACL Anthology
Adam Vogel and Dan Jurafsky
Translation Model Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation with Monolingual Topic Information
Jinsong Su, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang, Yidong Chen, Xiaodong Shi, Huailin Dong and Qun Liu
A Statistical Model for Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Transliteration Mining
Hassan Sajjad, Alexander Fraser and Helmut Schmid
Modified Distortion Matrices for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Arianna Bisazza and Marcello Federico
Semantic Parsing with Bayesian Tree Transducers
Bevan Jones, Mark Johnson and Sharon Goldwater
Dependency Hashing for n-best CCG Parsing
Dominick Ng and James R. Curran
Strong Lexicalization of Tree Adjoining Grammars
Andreas Maletti and Joost Engelfriet
Tweet Recommendation with Graph Co-Ranking
Rui Yan, Mirella Lapata and Xiaoming Li
Joint Inference of Named Entity Recognition and Normalization for Tweets
Xiaohua Liu, Ming Zhou, Xiangyang Zhou, Zhongyang Fu and Furu Wei
Finding Bursty Topics from Microblogs
Qiming Diao, Jing Jiang, Feida Zhu and Ee-Peng Lim
Spice it up? Mining Refinements to Online Instructions from User Generated Content
Gregory Druck and Bo Pang
Sentence Dependency Tagging in Online Question Answering Forums
Zhonghua Qu and Yang Liu
Mining Entity Types from Query Logs via User Intent Modeling
Patrick Pantel, Thomas Lin and Michael Gamon
Discourse Structure and Computation: Past, Present and Future
Bonnie Webber and Aravind Joshi
Extracting glossary sentences from scholarly articles: A comparative evaluation of pattern bootstrapping and deep analysis
Melanie Reiplinger, Ulrich Schafer and Magdalena Wolska
Applying Collocation Segmentation to the ACL Anthology Reference Corpus
Vidas Daudaravicius
Text Reuse with ACL: (Upward) Trends
Parth Gupta and Paolo Rosso
Cross-Lingual Mixture Model for Sentiment Classification
Xinfan Meng, Furu Wei, Xiaohua Liu, Ming Zhou, Ge Xu and Houfeng Wang
Community Answer Summarization for Multi-Sentence Question with Group L1 Regularization
Wen Chan, Xiangdong Zhou, Wei Wang and Tat-Seng Chua
Error Mining on Dependency Trees
Claire Gardent and Shashi Narayan
Computational Approaches to Sentence Completion
Geoffrey Zweig, John C. Platt, Christopher Meek, Christopher J.C. Burges, Ainur Yessenalina and Qiang Liu
Iterative Viterbi A* Algorithm for K-Best Sequential Decoding
Zhiheng Huang, Yi Chang, Bo Long, Jean-Francois Crespo, Anlei Dong, Sathiya Keerthi and Su-Lin Wu
Bootstrapping via Graph Propagation
Max Whitney and Anoop Sarkar
Selective Sharing for Multilingual Dependency Parsing
Tahira Naseem, Regina Barzilay and Amir Globerson
The Creation of a Corpus of English Metalanguage
Shomir Wilson
Crosslingual Induction of Semantic Roles
Ivan Titov and Alexandre Klementiev
Head-driven Transition-based Parsing with Top-down Prediction
Katsuhiko Hayashi, Taro Watanabe, Masayuki Asahara and Yuji Matsumoto
MIX Is Not a Tree-Adjoining Language
Makoto Kanazawa and Sylvain Salvati
Exploiting Multiple Treebanks for Parsing with Quasi-synchronous Grammars
Zhenghua Li, Ting Liu and Wanxiang Che
Integrating User-Generated Content in the ACL Anthology
Praveen Bysani and Min-Yen Kan
Towards an ACL Anthology Corpus with Logical Document Structure. An Overview of the ACL 2012 Contributed Task
Ulrich Schafer, Jonathon Read and Stephan Oepen
Towards High-Quality Text Stream Extraction from PDF. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task
��yvind Raddum Berg, Stephan Oepen and Jonathon Read
Combining OCR Outputs for Logical Document Structure Markup. Technical Background to the ACL 2012 Contributed Task
Ulrich Schafer and Benjamin Weitz
Linking Citations to their Bibliographic references
Huy Do Hoang Nhat and Praveen Bysani
A Probabilistic Model for Canonicalizing Named Entity Mentions
Dani Yogatama, Yanchuan Sim and Noah A. Smith
Multilingual Named Entity Recognition using Parallel Data and Metadata from Wikipedia
Sungchul Kim, Kristina Toutanova and Hwanjo Yu
A Computational Approach to the Automation of Creative Naming
Gozde Ozbal and Carlo Strapparava
Unsupervised Relation Discovery with Sense Disambiguation
Limin Yao, Sebastian Riedel and Andrew McCallum
Reducing Wrong Labels in Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction
Shingo Takamatsu, Issei Sato and Hiroshi Nakagawa
Finding Salient Dates for Building Thematic Timelines
Remy Kessler, Xavier Tannier, Caroline Hagege, Veronique Moriceau and Andre Bittar
Historical Analysis of Legal Opinions with a Sparse Mixed-Effects Latent Variable Model
William Yang Wang, Elijah Mayfield, Suresh Naidu and Jeremiah Dittmar
A Topic Similarity Model for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
Xinyan Xiao, Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang, Qun Liu and Shouxun Lin
Modeling Topic Dependencies in Hierarchical Text Categorization
Alessandro Moschitti, Qi Ju and Richard Johansson
Attacking Parsing Bottlenecks with Unlabeled Data and Relevant Factorizations
Emily Pitler
Semi-supervised Dependency Parsing using Lexical Affinities
Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel, Alexis Nasr and Joseph Le Roux
Higher-order Constituent Parsing and Parser Combination
Xiao Chen and Chunyu Kit
Joint Evaluation of Morphological Segmentation and Syntactic Parsing
Reut Tsarfaty, Joakim Nivre and Evelina Andersson
A Comparison of Chinese Parsers for Stanford Dependencies
Wanxiang Che, Valentin Spitkovsky and Ting Liu
A Feature-Rich Constituent Context Model for Grammar Induction
Dave Golland, John DeNero and Jakob Uszkoreit
Private Access to Phrase Tables for Statistical Machine Translation
Nicola Cancedda
Fast and Scalable Decoding with Language Model Look-Ahead for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation
Joern Wuebker, Hermann Ney and Richard Zens
Head-Driven Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
Junhui Li, Zhaopeng Tu, Guodong Zhou and Josef van Genabith
Joint Learning of a Dual SMT System for Paraphrase Generation
Hong Sun and Ming Zhou
A Novel Burst-based Text Representation Model for Scalable Event Detection
Xin Zhao, Rishan Chen, Kai Fan, Hongfei Yan and Xiaoming Li
A Graph-based Cross-lingual Projection Approach for Weakly Supervised Relation Extraction
Seokhwan Kim and Gary Geunbae Lee
Pattern Learning for Relation Extraction with a Hierarchical Topic Model
Enrique Alfonseca, Katja Filippova, Jean-Yves Delort and Guillermo Garrido
Self-Disclosure and Relationship Strength in Twitter Conversations
JinYeong Bak, Suin Kim and Alice Oh
Genre Independent Subgroup Detection in Online Discussion Threads: A Study of Implicit Attitude using Textual Latent Semantics
Pradeep Dasigi, Weiwei Guo and Mona Diab
Learning to Temporally Order Medical Events in Clinical Text
Preethi Raghavan, Albert Lai and Eric Fosler-Lussier
A Context-sensitive, Multi-faceted Model of Lexico-Conceptual Affect
Tony Veale
Decoding Running Key Ciphers
Sravana Reddy and Kevin Knight
Using Rejuvenation to Improve Particle Filtering for Bayesian Word Segmentation
Benjamin Borschinger and Mark Johnson
Baselines and Bigrams: Simple, Good Sentiment and Topic Classification
Sida Wang and Christopher Manning
Automatically Learning Measures of Child Language Development
Sam Sahakian and Benjamin Snyder
A Comparative Study of Target Dependency Structures for Statistical Machine Translation
Xianchao Wu, Katsuhito Sudoh, Kevin Duh, Hajime Tsukada and Masaaki Nagata
Robust Conversion of CCG Derivations to Phrase Structure Trees
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Dan Klein and James R. Curran
Estimating Compact Yet Rich Tree Insertion Grammars
Elif Yamangil and Stuart Shieber
Topic Models for Dynamic Translation Model Adaptation
Vladimir Eidelman, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Philip Resnik
Detecting Semantic Equivalence and Information Disparity in Cross-lingual Documents
Yashar Mehdad, Matteo Negri and Marcello Federico
Cross-lingual Parse Disambiguation based on Semantic Correspondence
Lea Frermann and Francis Bond
Learning to Find Translations and Transliterations on the Web
Joseph Z. Chang, Jason S. Chang and Roger Jyh-Shing Jang
Beefmoves: Dissemination, Diversity, and Dynamics of English Borrowings in a German Hip Hop Forum
Matt Garley and Julia Hockenmaier
Learning the Latent Semantics of a Concept from its Definition
Weiwei Guo and Mona Diab
Unsupervised Semantic Role Induction with Global Role Ordering
Nikhil Garg and James Henserdon
Humor as Circuits in Semantic Networks
Igor Labutov and Hod Lipson
Crowdsourcing Inference-Rule Evaluation
Naomi Zeichner, Jonathan Berant and Ido Dagan
A Comprehensive Gold Standard for the Enron Organizational Hierarchy
Apoorv Agarwal, Adinoyi Omuya, Aaron Harnly and Owen Rambow
A Two-step Approach to Sentence Compression of Spoken Utterances
Dong Wang, Xian Qian and Yang Liu
Syntactic Stylometry for Deception Detection
Song Feng, Ritwik Banerjee and Yejin Choi
Transforming Standard Arabic to Colloquial Arabic
Emad Mohamed, Behrang Mohit and Kemal Oflazer
Corpus-based Interpretation of Instructions in Virtual Environments
Luciana Benotti, Martin Villalba, Tessa Lau and Julian Cerruti
Automatically Mining Question Reformulation Patterns from Search Log Data
Xiaobing Xue, Yu Tao, Daxin Jiang and Hang Li
Native Language Detection with Tree Substitution Grammars
Benjamin Swanson and Eugene Charniak
Tense and Aspect Error Correction for ESL Learners Using Global Context
Toshikazu Tajiri, Mamoru Komachi and Yuji Matsumoto
Syntactic Transfer Using a Bilingual Lexicon
Greg Durrett, Adam Pauls and Dan Klein
Regularized Interlingual Projections: Evaluation on Multilingual Transliteration
Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi and Hal Daume III
Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora Using Label Propagation
Akihiro Tamura, Taro Watanabe and Eiichiro Sumita
Lexical Differences in Autobiographical Narratives from Schizophrenic Patients and Healthy Controls
Kai Hong, Christian G. Kohler, Mary E. March, Amber A. Parker and Ani Nenkova
Streaming Analysis of Discourse Participants
Benjamin Van Durme
Detecting Subgroups in Online Discussions by Modeling Positive and Negative Relations among Participants
Ahmed Hassan, Amjad Abu-Jbara and Dragomir Radev
Generative Goal-Driven User Simulation for Dialog Management
Aciel Eshky, Ben Allison and Mark Steedman
Optimising Incremental Dialogue Decisions Using Information Density for Interactive Systems
Nina Dethlefs, Helen Hastie, Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
Mixed Membership Markov Models for Unsupervised Conversation Modeling
Michael J. Paul
An Entity-Topic Model for Entity Linking
Xianpei Han and Le Sun
Linking Named Entities to Any Database
Avirup Sil, Ernest Cronin, Penghai Nie, Yinfei Yang, Ana-Maria Popescu and Alexander Yates
Towards Efficient Named-Entity Rule Induction for Customizability
Ajay Nagesh, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Laura Chiticariu, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Ankush Dharkar and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Active Learning for Imbalanced Sentiment Classification
Shoushan Li, Shengfeng Ju, Guodong Zhou and Xiaojun Li
A Weakly Supervised Model for Sentence-Level Semantic Orientation Analysis with Multiple Experts
Lizhen Qu, Rainer Gemulla and Gerhard Weikum
Collocation Polarity Disambiguation Using Web-based Pseudo Contexts
Yanyan Zhao, Bing Qin and Ting Liu
Aligning Predicates across Monolingual Comparable Texts using Graph-based Clustering
Michael Roth and Anette Frank
Local and Global Context for Supervised and Unsupervised Metonymy Resolution
Vivi Nastase, Alex Judea, Katja Markert and Michael Strube
Learning Verb Inference Rules from Linguistically-Motivated Evidence
Hila Weisman, Jonathan Berant, Idan Szpektor and Ido Dagan
Session 1-PM-1C: Machine Learning: Latent Models
Spectral Dependency Parsing with Latent Variables
Paramveer Dhillon, Jordan Rodu, Michael Collins, Dean Foster and Lyle Ungar
A Phrase-Discovering Topic Model Using Hierarchical Pitman-Yor Processes
Robert Lindsey, William Headden and Michael Stipicevic
A Bayesian Model for Learning SCFGs with Discontiguous Rules
Abby Levenberg, Chris Dyer and Phil Blunsom
Multiple Aspect Summarization Using Integer Linear Programming
Kristian Woodsend and Mirella Lapata
Minimal Dependency Length in Realization Ranking
Michael White and Rajakrishnan Rajkumar
Framework of Automatic Text Summarization Using Reinforcement Learning
Seonggi Ryang and Takeshi Abekawa
Large Scale Decipherment for Out-of-Domain Machine Translation
Qing Dou and Kevin Knight
N-gram-based Tense Models for Statistical Machine Translation
Zhengxian Gong, Min Zhang, Chew Lim Tan and Guodong Zhou
Source Language Adaptation for Resource-Poor Machine Translation
Pidong Wang, Preslav Nakov and Hwee Tou Ng
Exploiting Reducibility in Unsupervised Dependency Parsing
David Mareček and Zdeněk Žabokrtský
Improving Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Buffer Transitions
Daniel Fernandez-Gonzalez and Carlos Gomez-Rodriguez
Generalized Higher-Order Dependency Parsing with Cube Pruning
Hao Zhang and Ryan McDonald
Universal Grapheme-to-Phoneme Prediction Over Latin Alphabets
Young-Bum Kim and Benjamin Snyder
Name Phylogeny: A Generative Model of String Variation
Nicholas Andrews, Jason Eisner and Mark Dredze
Syntactic Surprisal Affects Spoken Word Duration in Conversational Contexts
Vera Demberg, Asad Sayeed, Philip Gorinski and Nikolaos Engonopoulos
Why Question Answering using Sentiment Analysis and Word Classes
Jong-Hoon Oh, Kentaro Torisawa, Chikara Hashimoto, Takuya Kawada, Stijn De Saeger, Jun'ichi Kazama and Yiou Wang
Natural Language Questions for the Web of Data
Mohamed Yahya, Klaus Berberich, Shady Elbassuoni, Maya Ramanath, Volker Tresp and Gerhard Weikum
Answering Opinion Questions on Products by Exploiting Hierarchical Organization of Consumer Reviews
Jianxing Yu, Zheng-Jun Zha and Tat-Seng Chua
Locally Training the Log-Linear Model for SMT
Lemao Liu, Hailong Cao, Taro Watanabe, Tiejun Zhao, Mo Yu and Conghui Zhu
Iterative Annotation Transformation with Predict-Self Reestimation for Chinese Word Segmentation
Wenbin Jiang, Fandong Meng, Qun Liu and Yajuan Lu
Automatically Constructing a Normalisation Dictionary for Microblogs
Bo Han, Paul Cook and Timothy Baldwin
Unsupervised PCFG Induction for Grounded Language Learning with Highly Ambiguous Supervision
Joohyun Kim and Raymond Mooney
Forced Derivation Tree based Model Training to Statistical Machine Translation
Nan Duan, Mu Li and Ming Zhou
Multi-instance Multi-label Learning for Relation Extraction
Mihai Surdeanu, Julie Tibshirani, Ramesh Nallapati and Christopher D. Manning
An "AI readability" Formula for French as a Foreign Language
Thomas Francois and Cedrick Fairon
Dynamic Programming for Higher Order Parsing of Gap-Minding Trees
Emily Pitler, Sampath Kannan and Mitchell Marcus
Joint Entity and Event Coreference Resolution across Documents
Heeyoung Lee, Marta Recasens, Angel Chang, Mihai Surdeanu and Dan Jurafsky
Joint Chinese Word Segmentation, POS Tagging and Parsing
Xian Qian and Yang Liu
Translation Model Based Cross-Lingual Language Model Adaptation: from Word Models to Phrase Models
Shixiang Lu, Wei Wei, Xiaoyin Fu and Bo Xu
Open Language Learning for Information Extraction
Mausam, Michael Schmitz, Stephen Soderland, Robert Bart and Oren Etzioni
Modelling Sequential Text with an Adaptive Topic Model
Lan Du, Wray Buntine and Huidong Jin /td>
A Comparison of Vector-based Representations for Semantic Composition
William Blacoe and Mirella Lapata
Exploiting Chunk-level Features to Improve Phrase Chunking
Junsheng Zhou, Weiguang Qu and Fen Zhang
A Beam-Search Decoder for Grammatical Error Correction
Daniel Dahlmeier and Hwee Tou Ng
A Statistical Relational Learning Approach to Identifying Evidence Based Medicine Categories
Mathias Verbeke, Vincent Van Asch, Roser Morante, Paolo Frasconi, Walter Daelemans and Luc De Raedt
Lyrics, Music, and Emotions
Rada Mihalcea and Carlo Strapparava
Assessment of ESL Learners' Syntactic Competence Based on Similarity Measures
Su-Youn Yoon and Suma Bhat
A Unified Approach to Transliteration-based Text Input with Online Spelling Correction
Hisami Suzuki and Jianfeng Gao
Excitatory or Inhibitory: A New Semantic Orientation Extracts Contradiction and Causality from the Web
Chikara Hashimoto, Kentaro Torisawa, Stijn De Saeger, Jong-Hoon Oh and Jun'ichi Kazama
Enlarging Paraphrase Collections through Generalization and Instantiation
Atsushi Fujita, Pierre Isabelle and Roland Kuhn
Concurrent Acquisition of Word Meaning and Lexical Categories
Afra Alishahi and Grzegorz Chrupala
Do Neighbours Help? An Exploration of Graph-based Algorithms for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification
Natalia Ponomareva and Mike Thelwall
Learning Lexicon Models from Search Logs for Query Expansion
Jianfeng Gao, Shasha Xie, Xiaodong He and Alnur Ali
Joint Inference for Event Timeline Construction
Quang Do, Wei Lu and Dan Roth
Three Dependency-and-Boundary Models for Grammar Induction
Valentin I. Spitkovsky, Hiyan Alshawi and Daniel Jurafsky
Exploring Adaptor Grammars for Native Language Identification
Sze-Meng Jojo Wong, Mark Dras and Mark Johnson
Discovering Diverse and Salient Threads in Document Collections
Jennifer Gillenwater, Alex Kulesza and Ben Taskar
Generalizing Sub-sentential Paraphrase Acquisition across Original Signal Type of Text Pairs
Aurelien Max, Houda Bouamor and Anne Vilnat
Parse, Price and Cut - Delayed Column and Row Generation for Graph Based Parsers
Sebastian Riedel, David Smith and Andrew McCallum
Domain Adaptation for Coreference Resolution: An Adaptive Ensemble Approach
Jian Bo Yang, Qi Mao, Qiao Liang Xiang, Ivor Wai-Hung Tsang, Kian Ming Adam Chai and Hai Leong Chieu
Weakly Supervised Training of Semantic Parsers
Jayant Krishnamurthy and Tom Mitchell
Cross-Lingual Language Modeling with Syntactic Reordering for Low-Resource Speech Recognition
Ping Xu and Pascale Fung
Resolving Complex Cases of Definite Pronouns: The Winograd Schema Challenge
Altaf Rahman and Vincent Ng
A Sequence Labelling Approach to Quote Attribution
Timothy O'Keefe, Silvia Pareti, James R. Curran, Irena Koprinska and Matthew Honnibal
SSHLDA: A Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Topic Model
Xian-Ling Mao, Zhao-Yan Ming, Tat-Seng Chua, Si Li, Hongfei Yan and Xiaoming Li
Improving NLP through Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
Jason Naradowsky, Sebastian Riedel and David Smith
Type-Supervised Hidden Markov Models for Part-of-Speech Tagging with Incomplete Tag Dictionaries
Dan Garrette and Jason Baldridge
Explore Person Specific Evidence in Web Person Name Disambiguation
Liwei Chen, Yansong Feng, Lei Zou and Dongyan Zhao
Inducing a Discriminative Parser to Optimize Machine Translation Reordering
Graham Neubig, Taro Watanabe and Shinsuke Mori
Re-training Monolingual Parser Bilingually for Syntactic SMT
Shujie Liu, Chi-Ho Li, Mu Li and Ming Zhou
Transforming Trees to Improve Syntactic Convergence
David Burkett and Dan Klein
Learning Constraints for Consistent Timeline Extraction
David McClosky and Christopher D. Manning
Identifying Constant and Unique Relations by using Time-Series Text
Yohei Takaku, Nobuhiro Kaji, Naoki Yoshinaga and Masashi Toyoda
No Noun Phrase Left Behind: Detecting and Typing Unlinkable Entities
Thomas Lin, Mausam and Oren Etzioni
A Novel Discriminative Framework for Sentence-Level Discourse Analysis
Shafiq Joty, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng
Using Discourse Information for Paraphrase Extraction
Michaela Regneri and Rui Wang
Generating Non-Projective Word Order in Statistical Linearization
Bernd Bohnet, Anders Bjorkelund, Jonas Kuhn, Wolfgang Seeker and Sina Zarriess
Learning Syntactic Categories Using Paradigmatic Representations of Word Context
Mehmet Ali Yatbaz, Enis Sert and Deniz Yuret
Exploring Topic Coherence over Many Models and Many Topics
Keith Stevens, Philip Kegelmeyer, David Andrzejewski and David Buttler
Entropy-based Pruning for Phrase-based Machine Translation
Wang Ling, Joao Graca, Isabel Trancoso and Alan Black
A Systematic Comparison of Phrase Table Pruning Techniques
Richard Zens, Daisy Stanton and Peng Xu
Probabilistic Finite State Machines for Regression-based MT Evaluation
Mengqiu Wang and Christopher D. Manning
An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP
Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, David Burkett and Dan Klein
Employing Compositional Semantics and Discourse Consistency in Chinese Event Extraction
Peifeng Li, Guodong Zhou, Qiaoming Zhu and Libin Hou
Reading The Web with Learned Syntactic-Semantic Inference Rules
Ni Lao, Amarnag Subramanya, Fernando Pereira and William W. Cohen
Ensemble Semantics for Large-scale Unsupervised Relation Extraction
Bonan Min, Shuming Shi, Ralph Grishman and Chin-Yew Lin
Forest Reranking through Subtree Ranking
Richard Farkas and Helmut Schmid
Parser Showdown at the Wall Street Corral: An Empirical Investigation of Error Types in Parser Output
Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, David Hall, James R. Curran and Dan Klein
Extending Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics with Lexical Cohesion to Document Level
Billy T. M. Wong and Chunyu Kit
Fast Large-Scale Approximate Graph Construction for NLP
Amit Goyal, Hal Daume III and Raul Guerra
Building a Lightweight Semantic Model for Unsupervised Information Extraction on Short Listings
Doo Soon Kim, Kunal Verma and Peter Yeh
Sketch Algorithms for Estimating Point Queries in NLP
Amit Goyal, Hal Daume III and Graham Cormode
Monte Carlo MCMC: Efficient Inference by Approximate Sampling
Sameer Singh, Michael Wick and Andrew McCallum
On Amortizing Inference Cost for Structured Prediction
Vivek Srikumar, Gourab Kundu and Dan Roth
Exact Sampling and Decoding in High-Order Hidden Markov Models
Simon Carter, Marc Dymetman and Guillaume Bouchard
PATTY: A Taxonomy of Relational Patterns with Semantic Types
Ndapandula Nakashole, Gerhard Weikum and Fabian Suchanek
Training Factored PCFGs with Expectation Propagation
David Hall and Dan Klein
A Coherence Model Based on Syntactic Patterns
Annie Louis and Ani Nenkova
Language Model Rest Costs and Space-Efficient Storage
Kenneth Heafield, Philipp Koehn and Alon Lavie
Document-Wide Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Christian Hardmeier, Joakim Nivre and Jorg Tiedemann
Left-to-Right Tree-to-String Decoding with Prediction
Yang Feng, Yang Liu, Qun Liu and Trevor Cohn
Semantic Compositionality through Recursive Matrix-Vector Spaces
Richard Socher, Brody Huval, Christopher D. Manning and Andrew Y. Ng
Polarity Inducing Latent Semantic Analysis
Wen-tau Yih, Geoffrey Zweig and John Platt
First Order vs. Higher Order Modification in Distributional Semantics
Gemma Boleda, Eva Maria Vecchi, Miquel Cornudella and Louise McNally
Learning-based Multi-Sieve Co-reference Resolution with Knowledge
Lev Ratinov and Dan Roth
Joint Learning for Coreference Resolution with Markov Logic
Yang Song, Jing Jiang, Wayne Xin Zhao, Sujian Li and Houfeng Wang
Resolving "This-issue" Anaphora
Varada Kolhatkar and Graeme Hirst
Entity based Q&A Retrieval
Amit Singh
Constructing Task-Specific Taxonomies for Document Collection Browsing
Hui Yang
Besting the Quiz Master: Crowdsourcing Incremental Classification Games
Jordan Boyd-Graber, Brianna Satinoff, He He and Hal Daume III
Multi-Domain Learning: When Do Domains Matter?
Mahesh Joshi, Mark Dredze, William W. Cohen and Carolyn Rose
Biased Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation
Fei Huang and Alexander Yates
Unambiguity Regularization for Unsupervised Learning of Probabilistic Grammars
Kewei Tu and Vasant Honavar
Extracting Opinion Expressions with semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
Bishan Yang and Claire Cardie
Opinion Target Extraction Using Word-Based Translation Model
Kang Liu, Liheng Xu and Jun Zhao
Word Salad: Relating Food Prices and Descriptions
Victor Chahuneau, Kevin Gimpel, Bryan R. Routledge, Lily Scherlis and Noah A. Smith
Learning to Map into a Universal POS Tagset
Yuan Zhang, Roi Reichart, Regina Barzilay and Amir Globerson
Part-of-Speech Tagging for Chinese-English Mixed Texts with Dynamic Features
Jiayi Zhao, Xipeng Qiu, Shu Zhang, Feng Ji and Xuanjing Huang
Wiki-ly Supervised Part-of-Speech Tagging
Shen Li, Joao Graca and Ben Taskar
Joining Forces Pays Off: Multilingual Joint Word Sense Disambiguation
Roberto Navigli and Simone Paolo Ponzetto
A New Minimally-Supervised Framework for Domain Word Sense Disambiguation
Stefano Faralli and Roberto Navigli
Grounded Models of Semantic Representation
Carina Silberer and Mirella Lapata
Improved Parsing and POS Tagging Using Inter-Sentence Consistency Constraints
Alexander Rush, Roi Reichart, Michael Collins and Amir Globerson
Unified Dependency Parsing of Chinese Morphological and Syntactic Structures
Zhongguo Li and Guodong Zhou
A Transition-Based System for Joint Part-of-Speech Tagging and Labeled Non-Projective Dependency Parsing
Bernd Bohnet and Joakim Nivre
Identifying Event-related Bursts via Social Media Activities
Xin Zhao, Baihan Shu, Jing Jiang, Yang Song, Hongfei Yan and Xiaoming Li
User Demographics and Language in an Implicit Social Network
Katja Filippova
Revisiting the Predictability of Language: Response Completion in Social Media
Bo Pang and Sujith Ravi
Supervised Text-based Geolocation Using Language Models on an Adaptive Grid
Stephen Roller, Michael Speriosu, Sarat Rallapalli, Benjamin Wing and Jason Baldridge
A Discriminative Model for Query Spelling Correction with Latent Structural SVM
Huizhong Duan, Yanen Li, ChengXiang Zhai and Dan Roth
Characterizing Stylistic Elements in Syntactic Structure
Song Feng, Ritwik Banerjee and Yejin Choii